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Jan 18 2010


Every day feels like I drag a bunch of valuables that I am sentimentally attached to up to the edge of a well and proceed to toss them into the selfish blackness.

Dolling out patience and encouragement is quite taxing. I’m expected to have an endless supply of cheer and you best believe there’s little evidence of the effects of my positivity.

As you could guess, the small reminders are the best ones. I’ve taken to dropping notes to a girl who doesn’t like my class or me very much. Notes that she crumples up and tosses on the floor.

But, the other day when I was going through her class notebook, I found this:


She kept one. It worked a little.

My students can never doubt my care for them and my class should be the best part of their day; I’m the only one that can control that.

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  1. I was blog-stalking for some inspiration (had a rough start to today…) and this is just what I needed. It really is the small things, isn’t it?

  2. reaganpugh

    It certainly is the small things! I hope the rest of your day goes well. See you Saturday.

  3. Shelbi

    You are a great teacher Reagan. Your kids are LUCKY to have you. She’s just crumpling those notes to make you think she doesn’t care but she does.

  4. nice.

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