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Feb 01 2010

Regional Champs

My students are the South Dakota Region 6 One Act Play Champions.

It happened with:

  • A desk and chair borrowed from my teacher friend down the hall.
  • A set of stairs borrowed from the school we performed at.
  • A freshman lighting technician who had never seen a lighting board before the day of competition.
  • A play chosen from a random stack purchased at Half Priced Books over Christmas break.

Despite having a minimal set, minimal experience and minimal resources, the judges commented that my students have the most natural acting talent they had ever seen. One judge, a university theater director, commented that he’d cast any one of my kids in any production he’s ever done. In addition to winning the entire competition, out of eight superior individual acting awards, our cast took four.

My students can’t remember the last time Todd County High School has placed at the regional competition, defeating the reigning champs and moving forward to the State One Act Play Festival this coming Friday.

They care so much for the characters they have developed. I am fortunate to be associated with such a talented group of kids.


5 Responses

  1. Giselle

    Congrats to you and your kids! You should all be very proud…and you might also have some future Tony award winners there!

  2. reaganpugh

    I wouldn’t be surprised! Thanks, Giselle!

  3. Blake Mankin

    I’m literally crying right now. Beautiful.

  4. Bonnie

    Yay to your kiddos! I am so proud of you, too. I wish my students could have YOU in high school. Maybe I’ll convince them to move? Or maybe by the time they get to high school you will have decided that Houston is where your teaching skills are most needed.

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