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Feb 24 2010

Pick Yer’ Weapon

My mentor here in explained an excellent concept to me a while back. She talked with me about daily investing myself into my lessons so I can teach enthusiastically and hook my students no matter what the material.

She told me I need to find a way to be passionate about either the topic, the material or the method of teaching.

Since then, I’ve found even when teaching what might seem a lifeless strategy, if I can choose an excellent topic or piece of reading to practice that strategy, then it can be enjoyable. If I’m not passionate about the topic or subject matter of our discussion, it is my responsibility to make sure I am passionate about the baseline material or strategy of instruction for the lesson. Lastly, If neither the topic of discussion or the material pull me out of bed in the morning, I must invest myself in the way I communicate the information. How can I challenge myself to walk my students up Bloom’s taxonomy so they feel like geniuses? How can I create or steal an activity that will liven up the material or stimulate the topic of conversation?

Some days, like this past Friday, I was running on all three cylinders. It was excellent. Of course, those kind of excellent days are never guaranteed and it’s important to be ready and able to draw the students in, to twist the kaleidoscope a couple of millimeters and show them a new way of seeing.

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  1. Chelsea

    GREAT thoughts today buddy. I love how self aware you are and how you know what you need to do to make yourself step the game up. I miss working with you.

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