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Apr 26 2010


Often I’ll look at my reflection in the morning through my window and visualize how I’ll be presenting the information for the day. Before students ever file into my classroom I often choose to not try something new or not do an activity I assume they will not be interested in.

Before my students even have a chance to be exposed to new information,  I choose to go with the method that works. What does that say about me as an educator – that I choose to limit information I share my students because I don’t know if it will intrigue them or if they can handle it?

I am not my students, I am not in their heads – who knows how I may be surprised? Who knows if a student needed me to push the class one direction so they finally understood, and because I worry about interrupting the smooth flow of the class routine, I choose not to do it?

If they have confidence in me to lead them, lead them I must.

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