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Jun 01 2010

SoDak it Hurts – The Film

My good buddy Brittan over at Bara Media paid us a visit back in December. He was my first friend from Texas to make the haul up north to see what my life is like in Mission.

He is an extremely talented photographer and film maker and he has a desire to tell stories. So, he toted his cameras around in the snow for a few days and put together a great short film titled SoDak it Hurts – A Look Inside Teach For America.

Give it a watch and give him a follow on Twitter.


Thanks, Brittan!

P.S. – He just got married – congrats!

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  1. Alyssa

    Wow, your blog is amazing. The way that you have such a passion to teach these kids about literature leaves me in awe. Teach For America is more than lucky to have you as one of their members and you also have inspired me to continue with my plan on becoming an educator. Actually, with my major in English, imagine that. :)

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