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Oct 20 2010

Selling It

Of course my students aren’t going to want to do the work I ask them to do.

Of course.

I wouldn’t either -

That is, unless someone sold it to me in a way that made me believe. In a way that pushed me to see what is behind the work.

It sounds simple, but somehow when we shift from being a student to being a teacher, we believe that since we spent the time to plan the lesson, students should just fall in line with gullible grins and optimistic, open minds.


The Would-I-Do-This-Work-If-I-Was-In-Their-Place Test never fails. We must do it every day. Our students will go with us if they believe we believe the work is important and if we can show them how.

That’s the battle.

That’s what we have to sell.

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  1. Can you please email this to every teacher ever?

  2. Hope

    So true. That was always the tactic my parents used when they discipline us. Definately made me understand and do as I’m told. Using the “Because I said so” line never works!

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